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Safeswim - your summer essential

Published: 29 October 2019

Before you plunge into the water this summer, we recommend you go online to

The Safeswim website provides location-specific, real-time information on water quality and swimming conditions at your favourite swimming spots. The website also lets you know about the water conditions and risks at locations across the region so you can decide where to swim; including water quality, tides, weather, wind, temperature and hazards.

There are 108 swimming locations listed on the Safeswim website and the three-day forecast allows you to plan ahead. Safeswim’s water quality forecasts are based on 8 billion data readings, daily. Rain or shine we gather water quality data to gain more information about how safe it is to swim at popular locations.

As the swimming season gets under way, we will add additional swimming spots on the website for you to choose from.

Safeswim will allow you and your family to make better decisions this summer. So make sure you jump online to before you jump into the water.