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myAUCKLAND – your easy access to online council services

Published: 31 October 2019

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myAUCKLAND – easy access to online council services

Aucklanders have asked us for a simpler way to view and interact with us so we’re excited to introduce myAUCKLAND - the new and easy way to manage your Auckland Council services online.

The first service to be added to the myAUCKLAND secure site is property rates, and more services will be added over the next few months.

myAUCKLAND allows you to manage your property rates and access your property information, all in one place, online. You can add multiple properties to your dashboard for easier management, track your rates payments, and get access to property rates and valuations, including your payment history and past assessments.

You can also view and manage updates to your account details in real-time. Instead of having to call the contact centre to see if the changes have been made –  you can just log in to myAUCKLAND.

Other services will also be added to myAUCKLAND in the future. We’ll keep you updated as they come on board.

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In your November e-rates Assessment and Tax Invoice, your four-digit PIN also acts as a unique link to access your myAUCKLAND account. If you receive the invoice via email, you can simply click on this PIN link and all your property information will be automatically loaded, so you'll be ready to manage your information online.  If your rates invoice is mailed, just enter the PIN manually when you register to connect your property to your account.

Find out more on the Auckland Council website.