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Three ways to be a tidy Puketāpapa local this summer

Published: 17 December 2020

Local parks and public spaces are going to be high on our list of places to be as the summer warms up. And why not? The Puketāpapa Local Board area has numerous parks and open spaces that people can walk, bus or cycle to and enjoy.

“We know our communities really love our parks and we can all work together to treasure these opens space over the summer with a little thought and care,” says Julie Fairey, Puketāpapa Local Board Chair.

Dispose of your rubbish responsibly

Picnics are a great way for the whole family to enjoy some downtime. By making sure parks and picnic spots are left tidy means they can be enjoyed again on another day.   

If the rubbish bin is full, or you can’t find one, please take your rubbish and recycling home if you can. You can log full bins and loose rubbish by calling 09 3010101 or at the report a problem page on the council website

If you find larger items of dumped rubbish, like mattresses, furniture or tyres you can call 0800 NO DUMP 24 hours 7 days a week.

More information can be found here.

Park your vehicles and cars in designated car parking spots

Plan in advance if you’re attending a local event in one of our parks and use public transport where you can to avoid the hassle of finding car parking. Please respect No Parking areas and mobility spots as they are there for good reason, so everyone can participate. 

More info on parking is available here.

Let us know if a tree needs a trim

A branch blocking your view or jogging route? Let us know by calling 09 301 0101. Some of the trees in our parks are natives and need to be carefully pruned by experts. 

“We get a lot of feedback that people love our trees, and we need to manage them to keep them healthy and people safe too,” says Chair Julie Fairey.

Find more information here on what can be done to prune, remove or work around a public tree.


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