Ōrewa Repair Café


Ōrewa Community Centre, 40-46 Ōrewa Square, Auckland

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Saturday 3 June 2023
Saturday 1 July 2023
Saturday 5 August 2023
Saturday 2 September 2023
Saturday 7 October 2023
Saturday 4 November 2023
Saturday 2 December 2023
Saturday 3 February 2024
Saturday 2 March 2024
Saturday 6 April 2024
Saturday 4 May 2024
Saturday 1 June 2024
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This is a completely FREE community event.


021 0829 2137

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Come along to the next Repair Café event in Orewa!!

Bring your broken or damaged items and local volunteers will fix them for you at no charge.

The idea is to encourage the concept of Repair-Renew-Reuse.

Our volunteer repairers are ready to help repair your items, such as:

  • Smaller furniture pieces that need to be repaired
  • Bikes that need to be serviced
  • Toys
  • Clothing that needs fixing and darning and patching
  • Small appliances (note: we are not able to repair microwaves due to safety measures)
  • Laptops and other electronics

If you are happy with your repair, donations/koha is gratefully received to help fund future Repair Cafés.

Keen to help out? If you have skills that you want to share or just want to help with the smooth running of the event, and/or if you have any questions, please contact: coordinator@hibiscuscoastzerowaste.co.nz

This event is sponsored by:

  • DEANZ - Doughnut Economics Advocates New Zealand
  • Hibiscus Coast Zero Waste
  • Hibiscus and bays local board
  • Lotteries Commission

For more information about Repair Cafes, please visit: https://repaircafe.doughnuteconomicsnz.com/

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