Symphony of Theatre and Opera - 12 Lectures on Singing


Glenfield Library, 90 Bentley Avenue, Glenfield, Auckland 0629

Parking is available on the street and around the building.

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Sunday 28 July 2024
Sunday 25 August 2024
Sunday 29 September 2024
Sunday 27 October 2024
Sunday 24 November 2024
Sunday 22 December 2024
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Henry Liu
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09 486 8555

Booking is recommended but not compulsory.

Nan Zhou on stage_duf4xu3q.jpeg

Baritone singer, Nan Zhou graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music (中央音乐学院) in China and has performed extensively throughout China and Europe. Fluent in Italian, English and Chinese, Nan is delighted to share his experience and skills in singing and vocalization.

Through 12 months of comprehensive and systematic course study, you will initially master the concept of basic scientific vocal skills, understand the elements of drama and basic performance skills, learn to sing 12 world-famous opera excerpts, as well as basic opera stage scheduling, positioning, and symphonic coordination, and finally perform the dramatic effects of elementary opera excerpts.

Please join us for this series of activities. Registration is not compulsory but recommended. All welcome.

  • June: "Carmen" 六月 卡门
    - Theme: Symbol of passion and freedom
    Explore grand scenes and soulful music.
    - Content: Learning Spanish-style music, character analysis, stage performance
  • July: "La Traviata" 七月 茶花女
    - Theme: Love and Sacrifice
    - Content: character analysis, emotional expression techniques, dramatic arias for concerts.
  • August: "Rigoletto" 八月 弄臣
    - Theme: Tragedy and conflict in drama
    - Content: Explore character psychology, practice acting skills and vocal expression.
  • September: "Turandot" 九月 图兰朵
    - Theme: Mystery and the power of love
    - Content: Study "Nessun Dorma" and explore symbolism in opera.
  • October: "La Bohème" 十月 波西米亚人(又译 艺术家的生涯)
    - Theme: The life and love of artists
    - Content: plot analysis, character interaction, group performance exercises.
  • November: "Tosca" 十一月 托斯卡
    -Theme: Power, Love and Sacrifice
    - Content: political background research, key scene drills, emotional expression.
  • December: "I Vespri Siciliani" 十二月 西西里晚祷
    - Theme: Fusion of history and music
    - Content: Research on historical events, analysis of musical styles, chorus practice.
  • January (2025): "Aida"
    - Theme: Explore grand scenes and soulful music 
    - Content: Learn the historical background of opera, analyse the main characters, and practice arias
  • February (2025): "Don Giovanni"
    - Theme: Morality and Temptation
    - Content: Analyse the moral conflicts of the main characters and practice classic arias.
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