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About the Long-term Plan

Long-term plans such as the 10-year budget are one of the main planning tools used by the council to help us shape and improve our city and region. We review – and seek public feedback – on these plans every three years. The Long-term Plan we’re currently working on will cover what we intend to do over the next 10-year period and how we propose to fund our activities.

We’ll be asking Aucklanders for your feedback on our new plan at the end of February 2024.

Mayor 20 Feb 2024

Auckland Council adopts consultation document for Long-term Plan

Tuesday 20 February, the consultation document for Auckland Council’s Long-term Plan (10-year Budget) 2024-34 was adopted by the Budget Committee following lengthy and robust discussion.

Mayor 31 Jan 2024

One year on from the floods

The Auckland Anniversary Floods and Cyclone Gabrielle caused damage across the region. “Almost one year on, the impact for our communities continues. As a city, we will still be recovering from this in years to come,” says Mayor Wayne Brown.

Mayor 7 Dec 2023

Mayor's proposal passes the first hurdle

Mayor Wayne Brown’s full raft of recommendations to ‘strengthen the financial and physical resilience of the Auckland region’ will go to public consultation in late-February.

Mayor 5 Dec 2023

Mayoral proposal to build Auckland’s long-term financial and physical resilience

The mayoral poposal is the first formal step in the long process of developing Auckland Council’s 10-year budget, known as the Long-term Plan (LTP).

Mayor 1 Dec 2023

Majority of Aucklanders back Mayor's proposal to lease port

A Curia Market Research poll [i] commissioned by the Office of the Mayor of Auckland has found strong support for his proposal to consult on leasing the port operations. 

Mayor 29 Nov 2023

Mayor proposes Auckland Future Fund for financial and physical resilience

The Auckland Future Fund would make provision for climate change risks through self-insurance and help mitigate rates rises for Aucklanders.

10 Year Budget 29 Nov 2023

Auckland’s Long-term Plan of choices and trade-offs

The Long-term Plan is one of the main tools that helps to shape and improve our city.

Council news 16 Oct 2023

Advisory Panels outline key priorities for three-year term

Auckland Council’s six demographic advisory panels have outlined to the Mayor and Councillors what they think needs to be done in the next three years to support their communities in our region.

Council news 1 Aug 2023

What are Auckland Council rates spent on?

Rates are an essential part of the funding that allows Auckland Council to maintain a vibrant and sustainable Tāmaki Makaurau. It’s how we fund the services and facilities that matter and helps creates a city where all Aucklanders can thrive.

Information on the Long-term Plan process

This section provides information about the new way the council has approached this Long-term Plan and budget process, with links to previous budgets and plans.

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