A safer Henderson

Last Updated : 29 Sep 2015
a safer henderson
A new CCTV system is one of several local board-supported safety initiatives in the Henderson town centre.

Henderson-Massey Local Board continues to focus on community safety in Henderson’s town centre.
A new CCTV system will soon be installed, which will be used to monitor the town centre to help prevent crime and disorder.

The system will connect to the police and Auckland Council monitoring systems and operators will be trained to spot trouble before it gets serious and involve appropriate agencies as necessary.

“We want people to be safe and feel safe in Henderson’s town centre,” says Henderson-Massey Local Board Chair Vanessa Neeson.

“In addition to the CCTV system, our board, along with its partners, is implementing a number of other initiatives to improve safety as part of the Safer Henderson Town Centre Plan, which we adopted early this year.”

Other safety initiatives include the Smile & Hello Henderson campaign, delivered by Unitec and funded by the board, which will encourage people to speak more freely to each other.

The board plans to fund a new community safety office in Henderson and there will be events to enliven Henderson, such as the Henderson Christmas festival.

Community youth organisation Zeal has trained youth hosts to assist young people in the area, in a project funded by the Ministry of Social Development.

If you’d like to get involved in creating a safer Henderson please contact the board on 09 839 0400.

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