Affordable housing for Aucklanders

Last Updated : 29 Sep 2015
Affordable housing for Aucklanders

Auckland Council works with community housing organisations that provide warm, secure housing for those who may struggle to rent or buy privately.

The organisations house people including the elderly, single parents, youth at risk and those moving from foster care. The council:

  • fast-tracks some community housing developments that have affordable homes
  • connects community housing providers with private developers to increase the number of affordable homes in special housing areas
  • plans to offer a limited guarantee to enable community housing providers to access cheaper loans to build more homes.

“Housing is a critical issue facing Auckland,” says Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse. “Partnering with community housing providers is one of the ways we are working to increase the supply of affordable homes across Auckland.”

Success story: Habitat for Humanity

Philip and Patricia Booth and their four young sons were living in a substandard rental property in Papatoetoe. The house was damp, had mould and leaks, and sank on its foundations when it rained. The Booths moved into their new Habitat for Humanity home last Christmas. Their three-year-old son’s persistent skin rash has disappeared. Their four-year-old son, who has had respiratory problems, doesn’t need as many hospital visits as in previous winters. Patricia has now applied to study paramedicine, furthering her education and career prospects.

Affordable housing for Aucklanders - Habitat for Humanity
The Booth family have moved from a substandard rental property into a Habitat for Humanity home and their health issues have disappeared.
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