Compost collective

Spring is the perfect time to set up a compost system and start recycling your food and garden waste. Auckland Council offers free workshops, run by the Compost Collective, that will get you started with composting and teach you how to put the goodness back into your garden.

The two-hour workshops cover the three main composting systems – bokashi, worm farming and traditional compost heaps – and are held across Auckland on evenings and weekends. Once you’ve finished the workshop, you can take an online quiz and get a discount voucher for a composting system.

“Each year Aucklanders send at least 90,000 tonnes of food and garden waste to landfill,” says Ian Stupple, Waste Solutions Manager at Auckland Council. “Composting reduces the amount of food waste sent to landfill, helping us achieve our goal of zero waste by 2040.”

Visit Compost Collective to book a course or find out more.


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