Students imagine future of New Lynn

Last Updated : 29 Sep 2015
Clockwise from left: Students Lachlan Munrom, Ying Miao, Simon Arms and Gerard Kelly. Photo: Kim Huynh

Assemblage City is an exhibition by architecture students from the University of Auckland who have created scenarios for the future of the Crown Lynn precinct in New Lynn.

The students spent 11 weeks researching and developing proposals for future mixed-use development in New Lynn. They studied the area’s history and identified ways the past could be re-invigorated. Some proposals looked at emerging ‘maker cultures’ that produce niche crafts around the world.

University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning Senior Lecturer Kathy Waghorn has lived in Whau for many years. She is excited about New Lynn’s potential, including electrification of the rail network and the realisation of the City Rail Link, which will significantly reduce travelling times to other parts of the city.

“It will be like picking up New Lynn and dropping it in Ponsonby,” says Kathy. “New Lynn will become a good place to develop high-quality office and studio spaces for many sectors. I hope people will come to work by train and access many services alongside their workplace.”

About 400 people attended the exhibition.

The New Lynn Urban Plan sets out Auckland Council’s vision for transforming New Lynn into a metropolitan centre.

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