Engaged communities at the heart of Waiheke

Last Updated : 21 Oct 2015

Jim Diers, a world-renowned community empowerment activist and public speaker, recently visited Waiheke Island.

Mr Diers was accompanied by 20 university students from the United States, and attended a community forum to learn about how island residents work together on community-led projects to improve their environment and society.

Community champions Georgie Halstead, Dave Malan, Dawn Jeffrey, Gary Wilton, Lynda Jeffs and Charlotte Parkes spoke about some of the things the community is doing to make life better on Waiheke.

Waiheke Local Board Chair Paul Walden says he is proud of the line-up of presenters. “It was difficult to choose just six speakers because we have such excellent examples of locals working from a grass-root up perspective for the betterment of Waiheke and the planet,” he said.

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