Puketāpapa advocates to retain Liston Village

Last Updated : 06 Mar 2017
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The legacy Auckland City Council agreed in 2010 to progressively acquire the 25 retirement units of Liston Village from the Catholic Diocese of Auckland. The council's objective was to expand and improve access to the historic Monte Cecilia Park. 

The Puketāpapa Local Board explains why it is advocating for Liston Village to stay.

The Puketāpapa Local Board is advocating to retain Liston Village as social housing.

“We consulted on this issue while developing our 2014 Local Board Plan, and we believe that the benefits of retaining the housing at Liston Village outweigh the benefits of increased open space at Monte Cecilia Park,” says Julie Fairey, chair of the Puketāpapa Local Board.

Advocating to retain existing social housing at Liston Village is included as an explicit action in the Puketapapa Local Board Plan. It states the board will: “Investigate options for increasing supply of affordable community and social housing, including advocating to retain existing social housing at Liston Village.”

The Board commissioned consultants Strateg.Ease to produce an independent report on Liston Village. The report, titled “Liston Village Housing for the Elderly Scoping Report”, was completed in August. It is available online here as part of the August local board meeting minutes.

“The findings of the report included information concerning the high level of unmet need for social housing in Hillsborough, and a general growth in demand for social housing for the elderly,” says Ms Fairey.

“The board is currently engaged in discussions with Panuku Development Auckland and the Community Development and Safety Committee to advocate its position,” says Ms Fairey.

The Board accepts that a Sale and Purchase Agreement was signed between the former Auckland City Council and the owner of Liston Village, Ms Fairey says.

"We aren’t advocating any change to that agreement, simply that council commit to retaining this much needed social housing for seniors when it comes into council ownership."

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