Uxbridge Arts Centre takes shape

Last Updated : 28 Oct 2015
Uxbridge Arts Centre takes shape
Mayor Len Brown (centre) and Howick Local Board Chair David Collings.

The renovation of Howick’s Uxbridge Arts Centre is well underway.

Progress so far includes the removal of Keall House and the Uxbridge offices, and the completion of earthworks at the site.

“Since completion of the groundworks, we’re seeing so much structure forming around the Uxbridge site,” says Howick Local Board member Adele White.

“It’s great seeing the enthusiasm from locals watching it take shape and progress.

“The studio building and gallery will be the first parts ready for use next year. Once completed, the whole centre will be more vibrant and better placed to cater for Howick’s needs.”

The improvements include upgrading the hall, church and theatre, and installing a new cafe, administration facility and office. Storage space will also be added, as well as a gallery, lounge, studios and a courtyard.

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