Mayoral Office budget released

Last Updated : 24 Nov 2015
Auckland Mayor Len Brown
Auckland Mayor Len Brown's office has released details of its budget for the last financial year, 2014/2015.

Details on the Auckland Mayoral Office budget for the year ending 2014/2015 have been publicly released.

The office had a budget of $4.15 million, but actual spend came in at $3.73 million - a saving of $421,000 which reflects the mayor’s drive for efficiency and financial prudence.

The budget is set under the Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009, at 0.2 per cent of the council’s annual budgeted operating expenditure.

This was set by the Government so the mayor has the support available to do the job, including crucial policy work on the Auckland Plan, the 10-year Long-term Plan and annual budgets, for example.

The spend of $3.73m includes $589,000 on contractors and consultants, $44,000 on travel, and $13,000 on phones.

Approximately $2.32m was spent on salaries for 21 staff. Salary bands are independently determined by Auckland Council Chief Executive Stephen Town, using the council’s remuneration policy.

The Mayoral Office has four purchasing cards, in which $655.81 was spent in the last financial year, but no credit cards. The mayor does not have a council credit or purchasing card.

Due to the mayor working, typically, 75 hours a week, a car is used to get him to and from meetings relevant to his duties as an elected member. Two part-time drivers are hired for this. In 2014/2015, about $25,400 was spent on maintaining the car, including fuel, insurance and registration.

The mayor led business missions to China in November 2014 and the USA in June 2015, which resulted in significant economic dividends for Auckland. From this, the Tripartite Economic Alliance between Auckland, Los Angeles and Guangzhou was established. The mayor’s travel cost related to these trips was $26,142.79. 

See below for a copy of the full budget breakdown.

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