Parks go smokefree in Upper Harbour

Publish Date : 30 Nov 2015
Parks go smokefree in Upper Harbour
Members of Upper Harbour Local Board at the now-smokefree Hooten Reserve. 

Upper Harbour Local Board has moved to make its 10 most popular local parks and reserves smokefree.

Auckland Council approved its smokefree policy in 2013. Since then, local boards have made many parks, playgrounds, reserves and sports grounds smokefree. 

Smokefree for a healthier future

“Smokefree is our future and provides us the opportunity to show leadership and promote the outcomes we aspire to for our community,” says Upper Harbour Local Board Chair Lisa Whyte.

“By making our parks and playgrounds smokefree, we are supporting people to have healthier lifestyles by reducing the prevalence of smoking and making it less normal as an everyday activity in the eyes of our children."

Help your community stay smokefree

“The policy is a self-policing one, so our community’s support in respecting these changes is required and appreciated,” says Lisa Whyte.

Park signage will be updated with smokefree labels, and signs incorporating the policy added as budgets allow. 

Find out more about Upper Harbour Local Board.

Smokefree parks in the Upper Harbour Local Board area

Parks to go smokefree this summer include:

  • Albany Lakes
  • Christmas Beach
  • Collins Park
  • Herald Island Domain
  • Hooton Reserve
  • Kell Park
  • Luckens Reserve
  • Meadowood Reserve
  • Sanders Reserve
  • Unsworth Reserve.
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