Waimahia 100th home completed and celebrated

Last Updated : 18 Oct 2016
Waimahia 100th home completed and celebrated
100 homes have now been completed at Waimahia, Auckland’s first Special Housing Area.

Mayor Len Brown and Housing Minister Nick Smith planted a tree on 14 November 2015 to celebrate the completion of the 100th home at Waimahia, Auckland’s first Special Housing Area (SHA) under the Auckland Housing Accord.

“Waimahia is being built on Crown land, consented by Auckland Council and provided by iwi and other community housing trusts - a great example of how true collaboration works,” says Mayor Brown.

“The fact that we now have 100 homes completed there is a significant milestone in what is a shining example of what can be, and will continue to be, achieved.”

The development will ultimately yield around 280 new dwellings and sites and is scheduled for completion by 2017. It features a mix of housing types and includes 3.7 hectares of parks and reserves.

In Manurewa in south Auckland, Waimahia’s key focus is to provide high quality housing within an affordable price range.

Positive impact on Auckland's housing supply

The milestone adds to the list of council’s housing success statistics.

In the past two years, through the accord and SHAs, Auckland Council has released around 1700ha of land that would not have been able to be built on for several years without the SHAs.

SHAs will likely enable almost 50,000 homes to be built, which will, over time, make a significant impact on housing supply across Auckland.

Nearly 100 SHAs have been established and 2000 homes in SHAs consented.  The target for consented sites or dwellings over the course of the Housing Accord (September 2013-2016) is 39,000.

“Through our partnership with the Government, we are making strong progress towards delivering more housing choices sooner for Auckland,” says Mayor Brown.

“The work we are doing is bringing forward more new affordable homes and in that regard the success of Waimahia is unsurpassed and everyone involved is to be congratulated.”

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