Replacing the Avondale Community Centre

Publish Date : 21 Dec 2015
Community group at Avondale Community Centre
A community group using the Avondale Community Centre

The Whau Local Board received an update at its last workshop of the year on the community facility planning in the area.

Assessing the future needs for the Avondale Community Centre is part a wider community facility needs assessment for the Whau and nearby areas.

The study will look at the long-term needs for pools, recreation centres, libraries in Avondale and New Lynn, the New Lynn Community Centre and particularly the Avondale Community Centre.

Community engagement will run mid-February through mid-March 2016, where the commuity will be able to provide feedback on what type of facilities they'd like to see in the area.

The findings from the needs assessment will help the board plan for facilities in the short-term, such as the design for replacing the Avondale Community Centre which is already funded. It will also support longer-term planning and will inform council’s next draft long-term budget.

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