New tenants for Devonport Wharf

Last Updated : 19 Jan 2016
Devonport Wharf welcomes new tenants

Auckland Transport has leased out the south end offices of Devonport Wharf. The space will be occupied by a group of local technology entrepreneurs operating a new technology-based shared working space called Level One.

Joseph Bergin, Devonport-Takapuna Local Board Chair, says, “We are pleased to begin the year with this announcement, which is the latest in a number of initiatives that have and will continue to add vibrancy to the Devonport town centre.”

Greg Edmonds, Chief Infrastructure Officer of Auckland Transport, says, “We hope this will help change the wharf from what is often a simple thoroughfare, to a centre of local activity, further linking the wharf with the rest of Devonport.”

Simon Lampen, a director at Level One says, “We are excited to be a part of the ongoing transformation of an iconic location following the recent refurbishment by Auckland Transport."

"We want to further build on our network of partners, potentially transforming our business and Devonport Wharf into a hub for local technology-based businesses and entrepreneurs to form collaborative partnerships and opportunities.”


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