Sculptor of the week - Sam Duckor-Jones

Last Updated : 01 Dec 2020
Sam Duckor-Jones

To see an adult upside down is beautiful for its vulnerability, playfulness, sincerity and rarity. Sam Duckor-Jones’ sculpture Strong Men Point Their Toes is a testament to his childhood.

Sam Duckor-Jones (1)

Speaking about the work Strong Men Point Their Toes, Sam says: “I like my sculpture to be a bit vulnerable, and also a little bit funny. Art’s so serious isn’t it. It’s nice to have a giggle.”

Clay is Sam Duckor-Jones’ favoured medium. He likes the way people can engage with it – whether a childhood memory of making a pot or a visitor being enticed closer to touch the ceramic, just to see that it’s real.

“Headstands – when I was little, these were encouraged. I’d become inverted in the lounge, or in the backyard, or on the beach, and stay like that for a long time, feeling important,” he said.

The Wairarapa- based sculptor has exhibited extensively across New Zealand and been a finalist in the Portage Ceramic Awards.



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