Better walking connections in Huapai

Publish Date : 31 Mar 2016
Better connections in Huapai
From left: Rodney Local Board member Phelan Pirrie with Huapai residents Monte Neal and Gary Moss at Huapai Domain.

A new perimeter walkway is making it easier for locals to access sports fields at Huapai Domain.

The Huapai area has grown rapidly in recent years. The domain is now a popular venue for football, cricket and netball, and is home to several sports clubs.

Beth Houlbrooke, the chairperson of Rodney Local Board’s Parks, Culture and Community Development Committee, says that community perseverance has helped get the project underway. “Although the walkway project has had several iterations over the years, the final design works well,” she says. “People will now be able to enjoy the domain all year round.”

The concrete walkway will connect the playground, toilet and sports clubs in the reserve, and will link to a neighbouring housing development. The path will be 1.84km long and 1.8m wide when it is completed in stages and as funding permits.

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