Rodney youth get involved in playground design

Last Updated : 02 Feb 2016
Rodney youth get involved in playground design
Providing play spaces that are safe but challenging is a priority for Rodney Local Board.

Young people in Helensville, Leigh and Te Hana are picking their favourite equipment for their local playground.

Rodney Local Board has allocated $100,000 to the Challenging Play Space initiative. Beth Houlbrooke, Chairperson of Rodney Local Board’s Parks, Culture and Community Development Committee, says that several playgrounds are being tailored for older children, who are being included in the decision-making process.

“It’s a priority for our local board to provide play environments that are safe but also challenging and places where children can take risks,” she says.

“This helps children learn about themselves, build resilience, and develop problem-solving skills.”

So far, swings have been the most popular type of playground equipment. The basket swing got the most votes from Rodney College students while high swings edged slightly ahead with voters in Leigh.

By next autumn, equipment will be installed at locations in Helensville, Te Hana and Leigh.

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