Fighting the war on Waitākere weeds

Publish Date : 31 Mar 2016
Fighting the war on weeds
From left: Pam Gill (EcoMatters), Holly Cox (Auckland Council biosecurity team member) and Piha resident Melanie Reid at a community weeding day.

Waitākere Ranges Local Board is continuing to carry out its weed management plan, and has declared climbing asparagus ‘enemy number one’. 

The board is working with Ecomatters and Auckland Council’s biosecurity team to target the weed in Piha and Huia by surveying its spread, taking action to control it and raising local awareness.

Weed and pest control is a priority for the local board, and has included delivery of a ‘worst weeds’ poster to local homes.

Board chair Sandra Coney says it’s important to act against climbing asparagus. “Climbing asparagus is taking hold in some parts of the ranges – it smothers the forest floor, climbs and kills soft-barked shrubs and trees, and is easily spread,” she says.

“The next stage is to expand the programme into other areas, such as Karekare, as part of the wider battle against weeds in the Waitākere Ranges.” Visit the ‘Pests and diseases’ section at for more information.

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