Improved access to Waitematā coastline

Publish Date : 01 Apr 2016
Improved access to Waitemata coastline
Shale Chambers, Waitemata Local Board Chair, at the beginning of Weona-Westmere Coastal Walkway.

Waitematā Local Board is improving access to the Waitematā coastline by continuing its development of the Weona-Westmere Coastal Walkway.

A local board project, the walkway will stretch from Meola Reef in Westmere to Pt Resolution Taurarua in Parnell.

“This project wouldn’t have been possible without the input and support of local residents, with whom we work closely,” says local board chair Shale Chambers. “We can all be proud of how the pathway will increase access to, and knowledge of, these relatively unknown parts of the city’s isthmus.”

The pathway navigates conditions including steep terrain, tidal erosion and rocky shoreline. Once complete, surfacing will incorporate sections of boardwalk, gravel and even some areas that can only be crossed at low tide.

Local board member Vernon Tava says, “The project will open up some of Auckland’s finest waterfront, which has, until now, been largely inaccessible to the public.” The Weona-Westmere Coastal Walkway is due for completion by September 2016.

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