All sports, all the time

Publish Date : 26 Apr 2016
All sports, all the time.jpg
Investing in sports field upgrades is an important part of the Rodney Local Board Plan.

All-year play is now possible at sports fields on Warkworth’s Shoesmith Reserve and Huapai Recreation Reserve.

Beth Houlbrooke, the chairperson of Rodney Local Board’s Parks, Culture and Community Development Committee, says that investing in sports field upgrades is an important part of the Rodney Local Board Plan.

“We are working with the council to increase the capacity of sports fields throughout Rodney so more fields can be used for training, and these stay open for longer periods in winter.”

Sports field upgrades

• Shoesmith Reserve: new sand carpets for fields 1 and 2 with new irrigation, improved drainage and a new cricket wicket.

• Warkworth Showgrounds: the first council sports field to install new LED floodlighting. Over the next two years sports fields upgrades will take place at Riverhead War Memorial Park, Wellsford Centennial Park and Whangateau Domain Reserve.

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