Natural habitat to benefit from Stanmore Bay project

Publish Date : 06 Apr 2016
D'oyly reserve.jpg

An underground stream in Stanmore Bay is to see daylight again, and offer improved recreational use, thanks to a partnership between Auckland Council and a housing developer. 

The piped stream runs beneath D’Oyly Reserve, a 750m lawned space that currently offers very little ecological value and restricted use due to boggy conditions in winter. 

Stream to be restored

In a new project, 250m of the stream will be restored to a more natural state and, by doing so, will support plant life, provide a habitat for birds and freshwater marine life, and act as a natural filter to prevent pollutants from reaching the sea. 

On top of the ecological benefits, the project also has huge potential in terms of offering a range of amenity and education opportunities including cycleways, lawn play areas, park ‘furniture’, outdoor classrooms, view points, and walkways. 

Hibiscus Coast and Bays Local Board, Chairperson Julia Parfitt, says the project is a great outcome that will add to the naturalisation of the area and allow the community to use the reserve year round. 

“With more and more people discovering the great lifestyle here in Whangaparaoa, having improved access to open spaces and recreation is key. It’s exciting to hear what’s planned for D’Oyly reserve and we look forward to getting the local Stanmore Bay community involved with this important environment protection initiative.” 

Great outcome for all parties

Panuku Development Auckland Director of Development, Allan Young, says the project is a great example of the benefits that can come from various parts of the council working together with a private developer. 

“It is extremely pleasing that all parties have come together to produce an outcome that will ensure the delivery of additional housing in a very tight market as well as an enhanced green space and waterway for the community to enjoy at D’Oyly Reserve in the process. 

Designs are still progressing for the reserve enhancements and stream daylighting with a consultation exercise due to get underway soon with Stanmore Bay school, Hibiscus Coast Forest and Bird, and the wider community.


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