Stormy weather brings out our defences

Last Updated : 05 Apr 2016
Stormy weather brings out our defences

On Wednesday 23 March more than 100,000 people viewed the council’s OurAuckland news and events website and to get up to date information about a predicted storm and its impact on Auckland.

Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management (CDEM) Director John Dragicevich says these statistics are positive but people need to prepare earlier to help themselves.

“People are really using the channels available to them to find out more information about events that could impact their lives. This suggests Aucklanders are intensely interested in making sure they know what they need to do if there is a potential of an emergency.

"However, preparations are not something that should be left until the last minute.

“Recent survey results showed that a high proportion of Aucklanders understood what types of disasters could occur. This is hugely positive but there is still more to be done."

Preparing for an emergency

“Aucklanders need to think about how they would react in an emergency situation. Similarly, I’d like them to comment on how we, as a council, should respond via the draft Civil Defence and Emergency Management group plan consultation,” says Mr Dragicevich.

Over the recent Easter weekend, 6000 homes were affected by power outages. This was due to the storm, which was short-lived. Research carried out by Auckland Council suggests that only 52 per cent of Aucklanders have the necessary emergency items needed to survive a disaster.

The Chair of the Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management Committee, Councillor Sharon Stewart, says there are simple steps everyone can take to prepare in advance.

“Before an emergency situation people worry about their resources, mobility, connectivity and loved ones. Preparing for the unpredictable can help build the resilience of yourself and loved ones if you’re in an emergency.

“The resilience of Auckland as a city, and the form that this takes, should be shaped by you and your priorities. Take the chance to comment on the draft CDEM group plan before 18 April 2016 to share your views.”

The draft CDEM group plan is out for consultation now and it’s your chance to have input into a strategy that will affect Auckland’s level of resilience in the future.

Comment on the draft CDEM group plan now at until 18 April 2016. For basic tips on how to prepare for an emergency visit

For further information check out the articles on the council’s OurAuckland page

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