Swimming lessons for all ages and abilities

Publish Date : 26 Apr 2016
Swimming lessons for all ages and abilities.jpg

Almost 500,000 swimming lessons take place in Auckland Council-owned pools each year, helping Aucklanders get the most out of their beautiful coastline.

Councillor Christine Fletcher, Chair of the Parks, Sport and Recreation Committee, says winter is the best time to start. “Swimming is an essential life skill – for all Aucklanders. We want to equip children and adults with the skills to stay safe in the water,” she says.

“Winter is the perfect time to learn in our heated indoor pools so that come spring/summer learners will have the confidence to make the most of it. No matter their age, ability or skill level, there’s a class run by our qualified and experienced instructors to suit everyone.”

For more information on our programmes, visit your local Auckland Council Pools and Leisure Centre or visit Auckland Leisure.

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