How long do you really need to exercise for?

Last Updated : 03 Jun 2016
How long do you need to exercise for?

This month Auckland Council Pools and Leisure launched ‘Let’s make it fit’ – a programme which encourages time-poor people to exercise through individually tailored 30 minutes sessions that fit in with their schedules.

“There are a lot of misconceptions about exactly how long you need to exercise for,” says Fitness Centre Manager, Matt Nash.

Ministry of Health guidelines suggest that adults should be doing at least 1.25 hours of vigorous physical activity spread throughout the week – more if you are exercising at a more moderate intensity.

“Let’s make it fit has been specifically designed to get busy people moving through these short sessions,” he says.

“A 30 minute session three times a week meets the minimum criteria and the likelihood is that done regularly this will become a habit that’s easy to stick to. Plus our friendly fitness instructors are on hand when you need a refresh and as your needs change,” says Matt.

The range of activities that you can be recommended is vast and includes gym workouts, group fitness classes, swimming and aqua aerobics.

With ‘Let’s make it fit’ there’s no contract and new members who join before 5 June 2016 and stick with it for three months will get 30 days free.

Join a participating centre and discover a 30 minute workout made for you at

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