Mauri o te Moana Award winners announced

Publish Date : 14 Jun 2016
Mauri o te Moana Award winners announced.jpg
Ray Clough from BirdsNZ receives an award.

Three environmental leaders with a deep commitment to the wellbeing of the Manukau Harbour are recipients of the first Mauri o to Moana Awards.

The awards recognise the work of iwi, community groups, organisations and individuals who have helped to protect and restore the mauri, or life force, of the Manukau Harbour over the last three years.

Each recipient received a copy of an original artwork by mana whenua artist Charlotte Graham. 

BirdsNZ South Auckland Region

Every June and November since 1961, a group of volunteers from BirdsNZ South Auckland Region has undertaken counts of shorebirds within the whole of the Manukau Harbour. 

Waiuku Estuary Restoration Trust 

The Waiuku Estuary Restoration Trust, affectionately known as ‘the mudlarks’, cleared 9.1 hectares (900 tonnes) of mangroves between 2010 and 2013. They've cleared another 3.8 hectares in the last year and have a 30 year, 75 hectare consent to continue their work. 

Clendon Residents Group 

The Clendon Residents Group have done everything possible to restore the natural balance of land and water, picking up rubbish, weeding, and planting the Puhinui Foreshore, from Pitt Ave to the Browns Road area. In four years this volunteer group has cleared 6.5 tonnes of rubbish.


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