Nautilus repairs impact Orewa Library and car park

Publish Date : 21 Jul 2016
Orewa Library will stay open during the Nautilus repairs.

The Hibiscus and Bays Local Board have agreed subject to certain conditions to grant landowner approval and a license to occupy part of the Orewa Library car park to enable Prendos to carry out remedial work on the Nautilus building.

The Nautilus is a leaky building and remedial work needs to go ahead to repair exterior cladding, windows and decks. The local board acknowledges that given the building’s size and central location in the Orewa town centre, carrying out this work may have a significant impact on residents, businesses and visitors.

The repairs are estimated to take 24 months and Prendos require approximately half of the library car park for a site office, for a materials hoist and to store building materials.

As the Orewa Library landowner; this has been a difficult decision for the local board who must consider the impact on the 6,000 people who use the library every week. Unfortunately, the Nautilus building can’t accommodate all the contractor requirements and there aren’t any other suitable sites in Orewa.

The local board recommends that certain conditions be included in the landowner approval and the licence to occupy:

  • No deliveries into the library car park between 10am-2pm every day. Large trucks (maximum size of 8m long) only access the car park between 6-9am Monday-Saturday. All site deliveries by large trucks, small trucks and vans use spotters to walk in deliveries.
  • The two car parks identified for turning larger trucks remain available for public use from 9am Monday-Saturday and all day Sunday. All three accessible car parks are unimpeded at all times.
  • Alternative parking is provided for Orewa Library staff in the Nautilus retail car park.
  • Auckland Transport peer review the traffic report in relation to truck vehicle movements from Moana Ave into the access way of the library car park, make recommendations and a traffic management plan is put in place.
  • As part of their approved health and safety plan, Prendos also install signage at the library car park and access way to warn drivers of changes to parking arrangements, any hazards and as way finding.
  • Auckland Council charge Prendos for the licence to occupy for the project’s duration. Funds are held by Auckland Council and used for library improvements that are over and above business as usual.
  • A bond of sufficient value to cover renewing the access way and library car park is held by Auckland Council for the project’s duration.
  • Prendos inform the public about the project and provide regular updates throughout the project.

More details including a complete list of the local board’s conditions are available in the local board report on the council website.

Next steps are acceptance of the conditions before drawing up a licence to occupy. The appropriate consents also need to applied for and granted before any work can start.

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