Tackling youth unemployment

Publish Date : 28 Jul 2016
Tackling youth unemployment
Nicole Johnson, Youth Studio Producer at MPHS (McLaren Park and Henderson South Community Initiative), and Rob Luisi, employment broker at Ranui 135, look forward to more young people gaining employment.

Henderson-Massey Local Board, Youth Connections, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development and digital specialists TalentWire have combined efforts to respond to the challenge of youth unemployment.

They have set up Youth Connect, a digital recruitment platform that enables employers to connect with young people.

The service aims to focus the hiring process on important skills and attitudes. It will bring together 10 community organisations and 20 employers, and will be piloted in west Auckland.

Youth Connect aims to have 1100 youth entered into the system in 2016/2017.

“Youth Connect will give young people a platform to participate, and connect with employers without getting lost in the flood of candidates,” says Rob Luisi, a youth employability broker at Ranui 135, a community-based youth development organisation.

Email kelsi.cox@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz if you are a young person or an employer who wants to find out more.

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