Increasing parks in a growing city

Publish Date : 11 Aug 2016
Increasing parks in a growing city

Aucklanders value their parks and open space – these are an essential part of creating the world's most liveable city.

This value was recognised on 4 August, when Auckland Council’s Regional Strategy and Policy Committee approved the Open Space Provision policy.

Over the next 10 years, Auckland Council plans to spend $2 billion on the development, acquisition and renewal of parks and recreation facilities and $4.2 billion on operation and maintenance.

More than $660 million within that budget has been dedicated to the acquisition of new parks and open space over the next decade.

Auckland Council will continue to buy land for new parks and open space in established communities. However, the primary focus will be in areas where growth is occurring.

“The policy ensures that as Auckland grows, the open space network grows with it,” says Kataraina Maki, General Manager Community and Social Policy.

“Auckland will continue to experience significant growth over the next 10 or more years. We are making sure that our green spaces grow at a similar rate as the population.”

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