Join the war on weeds: Jasmine

Publish Date : 22 Aug 2016
Join the war on weeds: Jasmine

It might look pretty and smell sweet, but jasmine is a highly invasive weed that kills other plants and native seedlings by smothering them.

Jasmine flowers in September, so that is the perfect time to spot it and remove it.

Spray it with herbicide, or cut it back and paste the remaining stems with herbicide to ensure they don’t grow back.

Always dispose of jasmine at a landfill or via your garden bag collection service. Never dump jasmine in parks or roadsides as cuttings can easily grow and spread.

Replace jasmine with the non-invasive star jasmine variety, or try akakiore, kōhia, or a native clematis.

More information about how to identify and control this and other environmental weeds can be found on Auckland Council's Plant Search tool

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