11 places to see baby farm animals in Auckland this spring

Publish Date : 12 Sep 2023
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Spring has sprung and the days are getting longer. Now is the perfect time to go animal spotting.

Auckland Council runs many sites across the region where you can go and look at the farm animals – including baby animals if the season is right.

Auckland Council staff frequently check the conditions of the animals to make sure they are healthy and well. 

Remember to supervise children and follow site instructions at all times.

When exploring the paddocks please keep the gates closed, and don't chase the lambs.

Please remember also to keep your space from the animals, and if there are any concerns please contact us by visiting this website https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/report-problem/Pages/our-contact-details.aspx

1. Ambury Park

You might see sheep, goats, cows, calves, pigs, pet lambs, chickens, turkey, rabbits and the elusive peacock.

Grassy lanes between the animal enclosures help you get up close to the animals safely.

Feel free to go into the paddocks to mingle with the animals (except during lambing which is mid-July and early August).

2. Ōmana

Ōmana has sheep, lambs and goats to see. During lambing, there is the opportunity to feed the lambs. Contact 09 536 6007 to check the feeding times.

You may also be lucky to see our park ranger moving our sheep flocks with his farm dogs from time to time.

3. Tāwharanui

Tāwharanui is an Open Sanctuary with a working sheep and cattle farm. In the springtime, many visitors come to see the lambs.

4. Ātiu Creek

Ātiu Creek is a working sheep and cattle farm. In the springtime, lambs are a popular sight attracting many visitors.

5. Duder Regional Park

You’ll find grazing sheep and cattle on the farmland.

6. Mutukāroa - Hamlins Hill Regional Park

Young cattle graze on the hill and can be curious about visitors.

7. Mahurangi Regional Park (West)

The park has approximately 100 breeding ewes and may have cattle present also. Lambing attracts visitors in the springtime.

8. Shakespear

Shakespear is an Open Sanctuary with a working farm of sheep and cattle. In the spring time, lambs are a popular sight attracting many visitors.

9. Tāpapakanga

Tāpapakanga is a coastal farm park with sheep and cows.

10. Wenderholm

Sheep and young cattle are grazed on the park.

11. Waitawa

Located 50km from central Auckland on our south-eastern coast, Waitawa is made up of three small peninsulas and fronts onto four bays. Calves and lambs are available to visit at Waitawa also. 

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