New Responsible Pet Ownership guidelines for Waiheke

Last Updated : 29 Sep 2016
Responsible Pet dog
Responsible Pet cat

The people of Waiheke have a new guide to responsible pet ownership to help pets and wildlife live in harmony.

The project began as a collaboration two-and-a-half years ago, between the Hauraki Islands branch of Forest and Bird and the Waiheke SPCA.

Good for pets and wildlife

The brochure helps pet owners understand that what is good for Waiheke’s wildlife is also good for their pet. It is the first major project between the two entities and aims to prove that pets and wildlife can get along.

The guide finds a balance between animal welfare, including understanding the need for pets to express some of their natural behaviours, with the necessary controls to ensure Waiheke’s wildlife is kept safe.  

Rules and recommendations 

It’s not just a list of rules to follow. Listed are the five freedoms that pets should be allowed to enjoy. There are also recommendations to de-sex and microchip both cat and dogs, and train both not to chase wildlife.

Waiheke is in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park and is surrounded by Auckland’s 'Treasure Islands', home to many endangered species including the Auckland green gecko, shore plover, little blue penguin (korora), kaka and dotterel.

Get your copy now

Residents and visitors to Waiheke are encouraged to pick up a copy of the brochure from the Waiheke Library, Service Centre, Local Board office or Matiatia Pier.

A copy can also be downloaded here.

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