Seven tips to help you keep it down

Publish Date : 20 Oct 2016
Seven tips to help you keep it down
Before you fire up the barbie for a night of revelry, let your neighbours know you're having a party (and think about inviting them to join in). 

With warmer, longer, drier days ahead, people are starting to think about throwing parties, doing a bit of DIY or going away on holiday.

But sometimes these things can inadvertently make life uncomfortable for neighbours – loud music, the sound of endless sawing and drilling or unmonitored alarms going on for hours can be hard to take.

Here are seven things you can do to reduce noise and show consideration for your neighbours:

  1. Let your neighbours know in advance about an upcoming party – you could always invite them to join you!
  2. Tell your neighbours of any planned work on your section that may be noisy.
  3. Minimise noise from your property by keeping doors or windows closed.
  4. Turn down noise at a reasonable hour at night.
  5. Use noisy equipment such as chainsaws only during the day.
  6. Ensure your burglar alarm stops ringing after 15 minutes – check your reserve batteries are fully charged.
  7. Install and maintain your car and burglar alarm correctly so they are not overly sensitive or faulty.

To find out the noise levels permitted in your area, call 09 301 0101 during working hours and ask to speak to a noise specialist.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of excessive noise and your neighbours simply won’t listen to reason, see how to make a noise complaint.

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