Happy ending for lost dog Chynna

Publish Date : 10 Nov 2016

A missing dog and her owners have been reunited thanks to Auckland Council’s Animal Management team.

Chynna, an 11-year-old Whippet, went missing in Point Chevalier and had been lost for almost five-and-a-half weeks when she was found by Animal Management on 3 November.

Happy ending for lost dog Chynna 2

A long search

“Her owners had been coming over from Waiheke every few days to look for her, but had not had any luck,” says Vicky Turner, Team Leader Silverdale Animal Shelter.

“There had apparently been a few sightings of Chynna, but nobody was able to get near her.”

An Animal Management Officer found Chynna in Parnell, and brought her to the council’s Silverdale Animal Shelter.

Finally reunited

“Despite being incredibly thin and having a few scratches, Chynna was in good spirits when she came to us,” Vicky says.

“The next day we gave her owners a call, and they were over the moon that Chynna had been found – they were on the ferry to come and get her as soon as they could.

“Chynna was equally delighted to see her mum and dad again.”

Registration essential

Chynna’s story is a perfect example of why it is so important for owners to register their dogs, Vicky says.

“Because Chynna was registered and wearing her tag, and her owners’ contact information was up-to-date, it was easy for us reunite them with their beloved pet.

“It is much more of a challenge to track down the owners of unregistered dogs, and this is one of the many reasons we urge Aucklanders to register their dogs.”

All dogs in Auckland must be registered with Auckland Council. More information about dog registration can be found here.

Happy ending for lost dog Chynna
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