Check online before taking the plunge

Publish Date : 22 Dec 2016
New online guide to safe swimming launched

New Zealanders are being encouraged to do their surfing online before hitting their favourite swimming spots this summer.

Swimmers can check the quality of the water at coastal and freshwater swimming sites throughout New Zealand thanks to the new ‘Can I swim here?' feature on environmental monitoring website Land, Air, Water Aotearoa (LAWA).

Information on water quality from over 500 rivers, lakes, and coastal beach sites all over New Zealand is now more accessible.

How it works

The ‘Can I swim here?’ feature provides a guide to water quality based on the results of bacterial monitoring done by regional and unitary councils during summer at popular swimming spots.

For lakes and freshwater sites, E. coli bacteria levels are determined, and for coastal sites, the levels of enterococci bacteria are measured.

Check before going in

LAWA Chairman and Chair of the Otago Regional Council Stephen Woodhead says the latest weekly results show that most monitored coastal and freshwater sites throughout New Zealand are acceptable to swim at.

Mr Woodhead says people still need to think twice before swimming after heavy rain.

“Even a low risk swimming spot can be unsuitable to swim at from time to time and we recommend that people avoid swimming for 48 hours after heavy rainfall.”

Try out 'Can I swim here' to see if your favourite spot is safe. 

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