Sandringham has a new playground

Last Updated : 21 Feb 2017

Sandringham residents have a playground and reserve they can be proud of thanks to the collaboration between Auckland Council and a local community collective.

The new playground, at 598 Sandringham Road, is well-used by locals and visitors owing to input from the Sandringham Project in Community Empowerment (SPiCE) group, who came up with innovative ways to generate ideas with community members and businesses.

With the support of the local board, the Arts, Community and Events department and the Parks team worked alongside SPiCE to make the community's vision for the new reserve and playground come alive.

By using an Empowered Community Approach, the completed reserve includes features that were important to locals, such as picnic themed seating and tables, a drinking fountain, adventure play areas for children and other features that reflect the diversity of Sandringham.


What is the Empowered Communities Approach?

The Empowered Communities Approach gives Aucklanders greater control and influence over outcomes in their community. It's one of the ways the council is stepping up to make sure citizens have a strong voice in shaping Auckland.

What are we hoping to achieve?

As the Empowered Communities Approach takes off, the council is expecting to see:

  • communities having greater control and influence over things they care about
  • more participation from diverse cultures
  • enhanced Māori development
  • increased capability and capacity of voluntary and community groups
  • initiatives that are designed and delivered locally
  • communities and the council working together for better outcomes


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