Choreographer wins parks residency

Publish Date : 24 Mar 2017
Choreographer wins parks residency
Image credit: Keith Morris

Choreographer and dancer Chloe Loftus has been selected as the 2017 Auckland Council Artist in Residence – an annual initiative celebrating the creation of new and inspiring art.

She is the first choreographer to be selected for the residency, which is now in its 10th year.

Eight weeks in Long Bay Regional Park

Chloe will take up residency in the picturesque Long Bay Regional Park to choreograph a parks-inspired dance during an eight-week period from mid-October.

She will experiment with gravity defying, bungee-assisted movement during her time in the park, which will be showcased through a performance to the public at the end of her residency.

'Innovation and inventiveness'

Councillor Alf Filipaina, Deputy Chair of Auckland Council’s Environment and Community Committee, says the residency offers an unusual and challenging opportunity and Chloe’s extensive experience and originality won favour with the selection panel.

“The Artist in Residence programme immerses an artist within one of Auckland’s most beautiful regional parks. It provides them with a place and space to create work, which is later shared with the public.

“Chloe’s previous work shows innovation and inventiveness and I think youth in particular will be intrigued by the new way of moving that she is experimenting with,” he says. 

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Visit Auckland Council’s website for further information about the Artist in Residence programme and previous residents.

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