Join the war on weeds: Blue morning glory

Publish Date : 21 Mar 2017
Weed of the Month_Blue morning glory (3).JPG

Blue morning glory may look pretty, but it can take over other species by smothering them.

It has heart-shaped leaves, hairy and often purple stems, and its trumpet-shaped flowers can be present all year round.

It is widespread, and Auckland Council controls it where it will have the most impact on native biodiversity. We encourage landowners to control it on their own properties and we work with volunteers in some areas too.

“It’s important to remove the entire stem if you pull it out,” says Holly Cox, Senior Biosecurity Advisor for Plants.

“You can also cut larger stems and paint them with herbicide, or cut stems at waist height and spray the plant below this. Cut vines can be left in the tree. Other plant material should be disposed of through green waste, or in landfill. Do not compost it.”

See Auckland Council's Plant Search for more information.

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