Ranfurly Care celebrates 25 years of service

Last Updated : 03 Apr 2017
Ranfurly Care celebrates 25 years
Ranfurly Care Manager Linda Nelson, Albert-Eden-Roskill Councillor Christine Fletcher and Ranfurly Care Chairman Ross Green
Ranfurly Care

Epsom residential care and activity centre the Ranfurly Care Society recently celebrated 25 years of service.

The centre, which provides services for people with intellectual disabilities, enjoyed a special day with friends and families to mark 25 years since the inauguration back in February 1992.

The history of Ranfurly

The Ranfurly journey started in 1991, when the home was due to be sold.

Concerned families rallied together, and with the help of the community and the media, they raised the deposit to purchase the property on the corner of Manukau and Ranfurly roads.

The founders of the Ranfurly Care Society were parents, siblings and family members of people with intellectual disabilities. 

Councillor Christine Fletcher's connection  

Albert-Eden-Roskill Councillor Christine Fletcher has been involved with Ranfurly Care since 1991, and is a proud advocate for the facility.

“To be involved with such an exceptional story is an honour and a privilege. The amount of joy and satisfaction Ranfurly Care has brought is priceless.”

“I’m so proud of what Ranfurly Care has managed to achieve over the past two-and-a-half decades. Their story is one of inspiration, passion and hard work,” says Councillor Fletcher.

Ranfurly Care in 2017

Fast forward 25 years and Ranfurly Care now employs more than 40 staff, five of whom have been involved since 1993. There are now 77 students from the wider community at Ranfurly Care.

Manager Linda Nelson is proud of the achievements of everyone involved. She was a founding member and has been manager since 1992, when the residential service opened with five residents, and the activity centre had just 20 students.

“What an amazing journey we’ve had from 1991 through to 2017. The goal was to establish a service based on freedom of choice without compromising lifestyle, rights, protection and safety.

“It’s hard to believe how far we’ve evolved since the early nineties, and where we are now. It’s a time to reflect, reminisce and plan ahead. During these 25 years we believe we’ve played an instrumental role in helping, improving and genuinely making a difference to the aspirations and expectations of families in the wider community.”

For more information on Ranfurly Care, visit the website.

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