War on weeds in Howick

Last Updated : 24 Mar 2017
War on Weeds in Howick
Howick Local Board member John Spiller holding Moth Plant

The battle to rid the Howick area of invasive moth plant and Rhamnus weed continues with weed disposal bins being set up in Lloyd Elsmore Park next month.

This is the third year Howick Local Board has funded a programme which invites local residents to identify and get rid of the weeds. It is also running a swap day where people can exchange weeds for a native plant.

Avid conservationist and the local board’s environmental programme lead, John Spiller says these weeds are incredibly invasive and smother gardens and native plants so identifying and removing them is a high priority.

“Both of these weeds can be mistaken for regular plants so a big part of this programme is raising awareness."

“Moth plant in particular is such a danger to our environment, as the pods can contain up to 1000 seeds each. When dry, the pods split and wind can carry the seeds more than 20km away.”

Mr Spiller says the past two events have been very successful with three large skip bins disposed of and a much greater awareness.

The weed disposal bins will be located at the Bell Road entrance to Lloyd Elsmore 12-24 April while the weed swap day is at the same location Saturday 22 April 9am-1pm.

How to remove the weeds

  • Dig out the plant close to the ground including the root system
  • Cut and treat the vine or stump with herbicide
  • Hand-pull the tree or vine from the ground when the ground is wet or damp.

For more information visit Auckland Council's Biosecurity page, see Howick Local Board's Facebook page, phone 09 301 0101 or email biosecurity@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz.

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