Cliff slip

The recent spate of soggy weather has led to several landslips across Auckland, from minor slips to large sections of cliff face that have given way.

“The council is currently managing more than 90 sites with landslide damage on public land across the region. We are working to ensure the sites are safe, get the areas open if possible, tidy up damage and look at the long-term options for restoring the sites,” said Agnes McCormack, the council’s Head of Operational Management and Maintenance.

What should I do to stay safe?

“It’s important for people to stay away from landslips," says Agnes. "Pay attention to signage and stay behind safety barriers – and ensure that children do the same. If you think the landslide poses an immediate risk to life or property, call 111.

"If there is no immediate risk but temporary fencing is required please report it to the council on 09 301 0101.”

How we're taking action 

Landslides are difficult to resolve quickly, as they are often in remote locations with limited access, and require several specialists to investigate and examine the site. These specialists help decide what the best way to fix the damage will be.

The council also has to ensure we are in regular contact with people who are affected, including landowners and the public, to make sure the right action is being taken. There's now a process in place that helps identify which sites can be quickly fixed and re-opened when safe.

“We would like to thank the community for their patience and apologise for the inconvenience, and also reiterate that landslip sites can be dangerous and should be avoided wherever possible,” says Agnes.

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