Watch CRL progress up close

Publish Date : 08 Aug 2017
Watch CRL work up close
Viewing windows at intersection of Albert and Wyndham streets.
Watch CRL work up close (1)
Viewing windows at intersection of Albert and Wyndham streets.

The bulk excavation work, taking place along the lower parts of Albert Street, is proving challenging work for City Rail Link (CRL) engineers. They must construct rail tunnels below groundwater level while maintaining surface-level access to Albert Street for pedestrians and vehicles.

What's going on?

The excavation involves digging 18 metres at the deepest point, using long-reach excavators above ground and smaller machinery inside the reinforced trench.

The tunnels will then be constructed with a cast concrete floor, walls and roof before the trench is backfilled. It represents about 10% of the 3.45km length of the twin-tunnel underground rail link.

Watch the work

You can watch progress at new viewing windows at the Wyndham Street pedestrian crossing. Located in the centre of the Albert Street, the north and south-facing windows allow an up-close look at progress on the cut and cover rail tunnel works. Viewing windows are also being put in at a Swanson St crossing.

What's the timeframe?

The work is being undertaken progressively from Wyndham St at the southern end to Customs St at the northern end. Excavation at the southern end is expected to be complete by October and the northern by the middle of next year. Construction of the tunnel box is expected to start late this year and be completed by late 2018.

By spring 2019, this section of Albert St will be reinstated with a new road surface, bus lanes, widened footpaths and street furniture.

Keep safe

There are continual truck and machinery movements and road layout changes on Albert St. Stay alert, use only designated crossings and please abide by all traffic and crossing signals.

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