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Zeal manager JP Puleitu on his hometown

Publish Date : 21 Aug 2017
What I love about Henderson 1
JP Puleitu manages Zeal in west Auckland.

OurAuckland: Tell us about yourself

JP Puleitu: I manage Zeal in west Auckland alongside an amazing team that cares immensely for our young people. We create platforms to encourage and support young people in their creative potential.

My wife is an electrical engineer who specialises in control units and robotics – she’s one of very few women in her field – and we’re parents to our three-year-old son.

I love spending quality time with my family, having a laugh and sharing memories with my friends, and exploring the outdoors.

My favourite thing is enjoying a meal at one of the many Asian food places on offer. Henderson’s a great place for food!

What I love about Henderson 2

What makes Henderson a special place?

I’d say it’s the people. There are such diverse communities and a common desire to rise above hardship and difficult circumstances.

It’s a place of great resilience. I believe it’s a community that genuinely looks out for each other. When disappointing things happen, everybody bands together to find resolutions and improve their communities.

Do you spend time at council facilities or events in Henderson?

They are great resources for our communities. Shout-out to Rānui 135, MPHS [McLaren Park and Henderson South Community Trust], Health West, Corban Estate, Generation Ignite and all our community hubs. They provide a safe place for our communities to grow, a sense of belonging and provide training and employment opportunities.

What could make Henderson an even better place?

I think more direct public transport access to take advantage of our surroundings would be a positive. Many of the boys I’ve mentored have never been out of their own neighbourhoods.

A great way to awaken potential is to expose ourselves and others to the world beyond us. It helps us understand how we can contribute in a positive way.

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