Living lightly comes naturally for Parnell family

Publish Date : 29 Sep 2017
Living lightly comes naturally for Epsom family
Vanessa King and her son Matti are making small changes to their lifestyle that will help them reduce their ecological footprint.

For Vanessa King and her son Matti, living lightly runs in the family.

Inspired by Vanessa’s mother Nancy, they have made a series of small, sustainable changes in their lives to help reduce their carbon footprint. They grow vegetables, keep chickens at home and buy food from local farmers’ markets.

To reduce their water use they keep a tank and save laundry water to use in the garden.

Vanessa says she owes her desire to make a difference to her mum.

“Ever since I was little I’ve been aware of the impact of our lifestyle choices. I’ve tried to reduce that impact so it works for my pocket and the environment."

"It’s important to her and it’s important to me.”

Matti is taking after mum and granny, checking every product for palm oil when the family is shopping.

Vanessa and Matti have also signed up for the Kaipātiki Project’s Sustainable Whānau Challenge. They’ll start having four-minute showers and will borrow a HEAT kit from an Auckland Council library to find out what energy savings they can make at home.

For more information on how to live lightly, check out the Live Lightly Facebook page and website.

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