Life-saving medical equipment installed across Waiheke

Local board helps fund automated external defibrillators

Last Updated : 04 Oct 2017
Waiheke AED
Bob Upchurch, Neil Harding, Cath Handley, Paul Walden (Waiheke Local Board Chair) and Shirin Brown in front of the AED box located at the Catherine Mitchell Centre, Ostend.

Thirteen automated external defibrillators (AEDs) have been installed across Waiheke Island, and plans are in place for the installation of another 40 devices.

Waiheke Local Board approved a community grant to pay for two of the new AEDs. These are located at:

  • the Artworks Complex on Korora Road, Oneroa
  • the Citizens Advice Bureau on Oceanview Road, Oneroa.

The local board also funded lock boxes and signs for these AEDs, and for another device at Onetangi Sports Park.

The AEDs are stored in secure lock boxes with code access. Access codes can be gained at any time by calling 111.

Find your nearest AED

Download the AED Locations app from the Apple Store or Google Play to find the nearest AED to your location, wherever you are in New Zealand. 

The AEDs on Waiheke Island that have been installed so far are at:

  1. Donald Bruce Road roundabout
  2. 308 Seaview Road
  3. Sea Scouts, Shelly Beach Road
  4. Waiheke Bowling Club,  2 Marama Avenue, Surfdale
  5. the Artworks Complex on Korora Road, Oneroa
  6. the Citizens Advice Bureau on Oceanview Road, Oneroa
  7. Onetangi Sports Park, O'Brien Road
  8. Catherine Mitchell Centre,  32 Putiki Rd, Ostend
  9. Oneroa Beach
  10. 88 Cowes Bay Road, Orapiu
  11. Rocky Bay Hall, 2 Glen Brook Road, Rocky Bay
  12. Palm Beach shops, Palm Road
  13. Whakanewa Regional Park

What are AEDs?

Automated External Defibrillators are used in the event of heart failure. They can greatly increase the chance of survival if used within three to five minutes of heart failure, or within 10 minutes where effective CPR is carried out. AEDs are often used by emergency services staff, but in isolated areas like Waiheke Island they often fail to reach patients within this window of opportunity.

Rotary club, locals help AED installation

Waiheke health professional Neil Harding noticed the need for AEDs on Waiheke and contacted Waiheke Rotary, which helped raise funds and advocate for the devices.

“I have seen first-hand that AEDs located around the island would make a difference where emergency assistance may not be quick enough to save a life,” says Neil.

“I broached the subject with Waiheke Rotary, of which I am a member, and they quickly got behind the idea of fundraising and advocating for 50 AEDs  to be located around the island, and publically accessible.”

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