AT launches Safer Communities programme

Papakura, Mt Roskill and Mangere Bridge

Last Updated : 08 Nov 2017
AT launches Safer Communities programme

Over the next three years, Auckland Transport (AT) will be working with communities around Papakura, Mt Roskill and Mangere Bridge on ways to make the areas better and safer for walking.

From now until December, AT will be talking to people in each of the communities regarding their concerns about walking.

The three communities were selected for the programme using a range of factors including pedestrian crash rates and the amount of current good crossing facilities in communities around Auckland.

Give your feedback

You can get involved in the process through an online survey or attending an event to give face-to-face feedback. Have your say

Find out more about the details for each of the three communities at Auckland Transport

Making it safer to walk

The aim is to understand the opportunities available to create an environment where more people want to walk for their daily journeys. AT is also working with community groups and other stakeholders like Police to help establish the issues and opportunities.

Next year AT will go back to each community with a set of designs based on their feedback to make physical changes like introducing new crossings and physical changes to the road to slow traffic and make it safer to walk.

Through this programme, AT, the NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Council plan to invest around $16.5 million over three years with construction and physical changes set to take place in 2019/20.

Why it's important

AT's Manager for Walking, Cycling and Road Safety, Kathryn King, says, "In recent years Auckland has become a more challenging place for people getting around on foot. People have the right to a safe walking environment and we hope that we can help to create that in these communities.

"Another great outcome of a more walkable community is the health benefits for people of being more active.

"We have chosen areas that have not had recent upgrades and where there are no current plans for other work that would mean these changes could be made.

"I encourage people living in each of the three communities to let us know, as specifically as possible, about the danger spots for them and their vision for safer walking in their community."

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