Improving traffic flow along Dominion Road

Publish Date : 27 Nov 2017
Improving traffic flow along Dominion Road (1)

Bus lanes along Dominion Road will be extended and operate for longer.

Changes to bus services

Early next year Auckland Transport (AT) will extend the lanes to make them continuous between Horopito Street and Mt Albert Road. They will also operate for an extra hour in the mornings and evenings.

The city-bound bus lane will be open from 7am to 10am and south-bound lane from 4pm to 7pm. Bus lanes can be used by buses, bikes, motorbikes and mopeds during the restriction times.

At the same time that the bus lanes are extended, AT will move some bus stops to comply better with the standard 400 metres between stops. All bus stops not covered by verandas will have shelters put in.

There will also be some changes to pedestrian crossings so people can cross Dominion Road to more easily access bus stops (view the map).

"These changes will help with traffic flow for all road users. Buses will have a dedicated lane during the weekday peak hours so they won't have to move in and out of traffic," says David Nelson, AT's Group Manager Major Projects.

Encouraging use of public transport

These improvements will help ease congestion in peak hours allowing fast and frequent bus services. The main cause of congestion is private vehicles with one occupant.

"We are currently working with businesses and local boards to create a parking and retail strategy that will promote business, increase foot traffic and encourage the use of public transport."

AT has provided information to property owners and occupants directly affected by these upcoming works. Prior to the works commencing, AT will send out information to the entire stretch of Dominion Road between Horopito Street and Mt Albert Road and install road signage.

More information on the work is available on Auckland Transport.

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